As individuals we all have different perspectives of what makes life meaningful, satisfying, important, or even tolerable. We all strive for something different yet there seems to be a common theme present in this adventure we call life…the need for Vitality.

So what is Vitality? It is often defined as:

  • Power of enduring
  • Capacity to live, grow, and develop
  • State of strength and energy

While these definitions give us a “snapshot” of what Vitality may mean…YOU hold the key to what Vitality means for you, your life, and your journey! Sometimes figuring out what we want or need can feel overwhelming and confusing. Sometimes we lose our way or feel alone. Sometimes the pain feels too much.

At Vitality Counseling, we will partner with you to explore how you have the power and the strength to live, grow, and develop…You have Vitality…We are here to help you rediscover it!

Vitality Counseling is dedicated to helping women reduce anxiety and stress, increase feelings of self-worth and confidence, and find their true voice in this world.


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