Are you feeling overwhelmed, lost, scared, and maybe even a bit (or a lot) angry? You are not alone!

We are facing unprecedented times. The year 2020 has delivered distress in so many forms. We are living through a pandemic. We are challenging a society which is riddled with racism, homophobia, sexism, and human exploitation. We are learning to adapt to new work spaces, new online school routines, new living routines, even new ways of making and maintaining friendships and support groups. These adaptations alone are enough to test any nervous system. There is fear. There is anger. There is confusion. There is no wonder we are all feeling overwhelmed!

Change is hard. And we are all experiencing a lot of change. There are A LOT of changes that have been needed for a long time. There are also some changes which were unexpected and have totally rocked our very way of living.

Sometimes “normal” may seem really far away. But what if we took a moment (just a tiny moment) to find a piece of our life that is “ok” even if for just a moment? What do you notice when you think about that tiny “ok” part of life? Is this something that you would like to feel more of?

Learning how to pay attention to the “ok” or even “good” parts of life does not mean that you are ignoring or rejecting the bad. In reality, we need to hold both the good AND the bad to remain balanced.

Sometimes we become unbalanced through no fault of our own! Life has thrown a curve ball and our nervous system is completely overwhelmed. What is so incredibly beautiful is that as humans we have the remarkable ability to heal and regain focus, strength, and yes, balance within our lives!

Please reach out if you are curious about receiving additional support navigating these changes. Life can feel overwhelming but it does not have to stay that way.

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