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Are you ready to feel more JOY instead of continuous anxiety or intense sadness;  have more ENERGY, become UNSTUCK, feel more CONFIDENT, and INCREASE YOUR SELF COMPASSION? Are you ready to THRIVE in day to day living and not just survive? Do you need a space to FEEL SEEN, FEEL HEARD, & FEEL SUPPORTED? Do you want to INCREASE IN SELF-WORTHINESS instead of living in constant shame? Are you ready to have more PEACE instead of worries? Are you ready to LIVE IN FULLNESS OF LIFE?

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Navigating the teens years can be an exciting and joyful time! It may also be a time where challenges, confusion, and frustrations arise. With the added stressors of school, family, and friendships, life may feel overwhelming. Seeking support to balance both the exciting and challenging aspects of being a teen may offer a renewed hope and avenue for continued growth!

At Vitality Counseling we offer teen-friendly approaches to healing and growth. Depending on the interest and needs of each individual we may integrate elements of art, music, movement, walking, nature, story-telling (think Sci-Fi, Comics, Anime) and more to proven therapeutic modalities. Our goal at Vitality Counseling is to create a safe and joyful environment where teens can develop a better understanding of themselves and their wonderful role in this world!

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***Vitality Counseling does not participate in custody dispute litigations or coordination. We are happy to provide you with a referral to another provider who specializes in this area of family care. If we are required to attend court for ANY reason our hourly rates are $250.00/hour including travel.

Vitality Counseling is dedicated to helping women reduce anxiety and stress, increase feelings of self-worth and confidence, and find their true voice in this world.


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